Our Award-Winning Team are Officially the Best Pie Makers in Australia

If baking was an Olympic event, many believe we would be the Usain Bolt of pie-making. Yep, if you have not guessed I am writing this blog article while the Olympics is on.

Anyway, Olympics aside, today I want to write about the “Great Aussie Pie Competition” – it’s a highly-esteemed yearly event that awards the best pie makers in Australia, and believe me, the competition is fierce!

It is run in conjunction with the Fine Food Festival and the competition is open to any commercial pie manufacturer here in Australia, with hundreds of entrants vying for the chance to win just one of the major prizes. In 2015 we dominated the field, taking out three of the four major awards.

The Awards

The award for “Best Traditional Beef Pie” is highly coveted but “Best Gourmet Pie” is the most hotly-contested category. Our love of food and fine dining has seen the pie evolve beyond its humble origins to incorporate a diverse number of flavour combinations, and this award recognises the finest creators in the field. There are also several sub-category awards, and last year they added a new major title: “Most Innovative Pie”.

The Big Brekkie Pie.

The Big Brekkie Pie.

Our Winning Pie

We scooped the pool at the last event and our team (at the time of writing) are the current reigning champions, with an impressive swag of awards: “Best Brekky Pie”, “Best Gourmet Pie” and “Most Innovative Pie”. It was a truly extraordinary achievement, and it scored us a front cover feature in Baking Magazine, one of the most well-respected industry titles.

So what’s in our winning pie? Take a crisp, golden pastry case and fill it with sausages, home-made baked beans, chorizo, mashed potato and bacon. Next, bake the pie and gently place a soft poached egg on top. Drizzle with creamy hollandaise sauce and you’ve got the Brekky Pie – one of the best gourmet pies in Australia.

Our Next Challenge

Our win at the national competition made front page news in the Blue Mountains, with sales of the Brekky Pie soaring by tenfold. The pressure is on for us to come up with an all-new entry for this years competition, and we are excited to be defending our title. That being said, plans for “The Best Aussie Pie” Version 2.0 remains top secret for now. Watch this space… OR visit us in-store…